How to get to Gaeta

Gaeta can be easily reached by any means of transport chosen.

By train

The train station of Formia is the closest one to Gaeta and the beach resort can be reached by bus from the station.

By car

Gaeta is halfway between Rome and Naples. S.S. Cassino is 40 minutes far from Gaeta.
From Rome: Appia State Road or S.S.148 Pontina State Road towards Latina-Terracina-Gaeta. (2 hours)
From Naples: Via Domiziana towards Minturno-Formia-Gaeta. (1 hour 40 minutes)

By boat

Even more people, in the last few years, are reaching Gaeta by boat. The Base Nautica Flavio Gioia can host many boats and offers other services.

By bus

It is possible to reach Gaeta by bus from the train station of Formia and the service is provided by COTRAL company or transfer Taxi NCC service.


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