Things to do in Gaeta: Top 10 can’t miss activities

Taking a dip in the crystal clear waters of Fontania

During the Ancient Rome, the beach of Fontania used to be the private beach of Gneo Fonteo and some remains of his summer residence are still clearly visible. Fontania can be reached both on foot or by swimming from Serapo and it is the most important beach of Gaeta where you can find our beach resort.

Climbing the cliffs of Sant’Agostino and enjoying the stunning views of the Riviera of Ulysses

The coastline between Sperlonga and Gaeta is one of the most suggestive coastlines in the Tyrrhenian Sea. Every year, the sheer cliffs on the sea attract thousands of tourists from all over the world. The ambitious climbers can’t miss the Arenauta cave. An amazing experience that you have to live once in your life, even just to take a picture.

Visiting the Sanctuary of the Split Mountain

Whether you are religious or not, you should visit one of the major attractions of Gaeta. The Sanctuary stands on the ruins of the Roman Villa of Lucio Munazio Planco and the mausoleum stands on top of the mountain. If you love nature, you can’t miss its scenic and quiet route. The Turkish Cave is astonishing, by boat or by feet.

Peninsula boat tour

Many agencies organize peninsula boat tours at sunset. The Pearl of the Tyrrhenian Sea is always amazing but, when the sun goes down, the crystal clear waters and its inlets are more fascinating and romantic.

Eating “Tiella”

Gaeta is well known for its attractions but also for its local specialties: this amazing stuffed pizza filled with Mediterranean octopus or vegetables and extra virgin olive oil (Gaeta’s famous olives are the best in the world) is an incredible experience.

Walking through the Medieval city

Walking through the medieval city, with its Little streets, towers, gates and bell towers, will get you back to the past.

This neighbourhood remained unspoiled just like it used to be eight centuries ago and it is also fascinating for those who visit it for the first time.

Buying souvenirs in Borgo Elena

The Medieval City is not the only evocative site of Gaeta because walking through the little streets of Borgo Elena is very exciting and you can also experience the real life of people of Gaeta.

Visiting the Church of St. Francesco

The Church of St. Francesco is the most amazing church in Gaeta. It represents one of the city’s symbols and it has been the most popular wedding location for decades.  For those who are not religious, it is also worth visiting the church to appreciate the artistic value and its amazing view.


Gaeta is well known for its crystal clear sea but it also offers incredible opportunities for snorkeling lovers.
Not far from the beach of Serapo, the little isle called Nave di Serapo, due to its similarity with a ship, or the area near the cliffs called “Tre cani”, in front of the Ariana beach, are extremely exciting.

Experiencing the nature

The natural reserve of Monte Orlando constitutes an authentic natural treasure. With a total extent of 89 hectares, 59 land hectares and 30 sea hectares, it is the perfect place to take a walk for children, adults and athletes.


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