Where to stay in Gaeta: The Best Tips

Where to stay in Gaeta? After booking a beach umbrella at the military beach resort in Serapo, people always wonder what is the best place to stay in Gaeta that meets the family needs.

The truth is that in the Pearl of the Tyrrhenian sea there are a wide range of options. In Gaeta you can choose to stay in a five star hotel, an apartment, a hostel or in a B&B. The first step is therefore to define a budget and choose the best value for money accommodation.

The cheapest ways to stay in Gaeta

Host in Gaeta, the non-hotel accommodation association in town, can be a valuable ally to find the best value for money options.

You can look for b&b, apartments or residences and make a short-term rental and it also helps you to find the best good quality-price deal as close to your location as possible.

Is is important to know that Gaeta covers a vast area where there are seven beaches and it is unlikely that a sea view room would be near the city centre.

Only the beaches of Serapo and Fontania offer this opportunity.
If you want to make a reservation near the beaches of Arenauta, Ariana or Sant’Agostino, there are many lovely place but they are far from the city centre.

The beach of San Vito is not included in the list because it is provided by a hotel, and the beach of 40 remi because is very small and it can be reached only by boat.

Affordable and luxury options

The great thing about Gaeta is that it is for all ages and for all budgets. It is therefore possible to book at an affordable price or even a sea room suite in luxury hotels with private beaches in the famous coastline between Gaeta and Sperlonga.

The city offers low cost apartments but also luxury hotels with private pools and spa even in the city centre of Serapo, next to our beach.

Serapo, the most desired area

Serapo is the most desired area because it has one of the largest and most beautiful beaches near the Gaeta city centre.

You can take a walk or cycling or go to the beach and then go back to the hotel for lunch.
It is also important to know that in the high season, from the middle of July to the middle of August,   the apartments fly off the shelves.

Thus, if you want to book a room, an apartment or a b&b in Serapo, you should do it in advance.

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