Serapo’s Military Bathing Establishment

The Military bathing establishment is a protective social association based on regulations according to article 465 and the legislative decree of the 15th of March 2010 that bears the Testo Unico of the dispositions of the regulations in matter of the military set of rules, norm article 14 of law 28 November 2005, n 246 and the management of the services are entrusted to the Associazione Ricreativa Dipendenti Difesa of Gaeta as of sense of article 465 comma 3  and is located in Via Marina Serapo.

The area of the maritime state property and the infrastructure of the military bathing establishment is given in custody to the department of Defence for the purpose of social institutional protection which is identified to the sense of DPCM 21 December 1995.

The bathing establishment whom organization and functions are released by the Direzione dello Stabilimento Grafico Militare which offers the opportunity to spend and enjoy a pleasant stay on the beautiful beach and the golden sand of the Tyrrhenian coast. Its uncontaminated water  also received the prestigious recognition of  the Blue Flag. The establishment is opened from June to September  and a comfortable service is provided such as umbrellas with lounge chairs,  changing rooms, cabins, showers, miniclub and bar which is well supplied with contained fees. As for bathing security there are qualified lifeguards.

The umbrellas (view regulation) may be utilized on turns for personnel having title as given from instruction by submitting application that must be forwarded to Direzione of Stabilimento Grafico.  During this period recreational activities may be organized such as evening events, entertainments, cultural and sport to  allow socializing amoung members and personnel of the defense department.


Service used by the members:

  • Bar*
  • Picnic area
  • Carpark motocyles and bikes
  • Access for disable and use of toilets
  • Esclusive use of cabins or sharing with others
  • Shower
  • Enclosed and covered mini-club
  • Free wi-fi
  • Local medical office

*Our bar offers excellent breakfast, tasty appetizers, delicious sandwiches and typical Gaeta’s tiella.

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